(English caption below)日本のさつまいも KING OF SWEET POTATO

(English caption below) 

KING OF SWEET POTATO と名付けられた、今が旬真っ盛りの 大地で育てられた日本のさつまいも達 に住んでいるからこそ味わえる の自然、ベトナム大地の味、この美味しさを、是非味わってみて下さい 

King Sweet Potato

産 日本のさつまいも
: 65,000 VND / kg

Viet Nam Goodies

From the fertile lands of Vietnam, we proudly present the carefully nurtured Japanese sweet potatoes from XD Farm. 
Named the ""King of Sweet Potato," these Japanese sweet potatoes are currently in their prime, grown on the fertilized Vietnamese soil. It's a taste that can only be experienced while residing in Vietnam capturing the essence of Vietnam's natural beauty and the flavors of its rich land. We invite you to savor this exquisite delicacy
Japanese Sweet Potatoes from Vietnam
Price: 65,000 VND per kilogram